Parallel Installs

The link at 404s and I’m under the impression that it should be automatically generated from the post here, is there someone who can take a look at restoring it?


Thanks for flagging this, and sorry for the 404. The webteam here at Canonical is experimenting with a new publishing mechanism and this seems to have inadvertently led to a number of 404s for our docs. We’re trying to sort this out now.

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On my Thinkpad T510 with 22.04, I’m getting this error when I try to install Firefox beta

$ sudo snap install --beta firefox_beta
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Set automatic aliases for snap "firefox_beta" (cannot enable alias "geckodriver" for "firefox_beta", already enabled for "firefox")

You have the firefox snap which already provides an alias named geckodriver for firefox.geckodriver app, so there’s a clear conflict. Try adding --unaliased when installing firefox_beta

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That worked, but what if the app is already installed?

$ sudo snap refresh 
error: cannot perform the following tasks:
- Set automatic aliases for snap "firefox" (cannot enable alias "geckodriver" for "firefox", already enabled for "firefox_beta")

Edit: Uninstalling and reinstalling worked so far.

Would there be detriments for having multiple Firefox instances and one of them installed using the --unaliased flag?

Do you still need to do:

# sudo snap set system experimental.parallel-instances=true

Doesn’t seem to be necessary anymore.

I just tried with snapd from beta (16778) and it still requires the experimental flag.

snap install hello-world hello-world_foo
error: cannot install "hello-world", "hello-world_foo": experimental feature disabled - test it by
       setting 'experimental.parallel-instances' to true

Ah, you are correct, I had quietly set that earlier and forgot. One wonders whether it’s time for this feature to stop being experimental.

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I am using the parallel installs feature to have side-by-side Microsoft Teams accounts (one for each organization I work with). It’s great, but, when Teams is running in the taskbar I have two identical icons (one for each Teams instance) and I cannot quickly differentiate between the two. Also, when I click on a link that is designed to be opened in Teams, I am given a pop-up asking which instance to open. Since the instances have the same title, I cannot tell which one is the correct one.

Is there a way to change the application title and/or icon on a per-parallel-install basis?

I believe the only entity that is suitable for the job are the application developers themselves.


We are considering to use parallel install feature in our subordinate charms (to provide parallel pgbouncer installations for different postgresql clusters inside the same principal client-app charm).

Can you please share plans to remove experimental flag here? We are a bit uncomfortable to use experimental feature in production.

Thank you!