Packaging snapd for Solus

Well, there we have it, full confinement working, snaps working, apparmor working! The next steps are minor bugs for integrating classic snaps.

In action here now live in Solus unstable:

I want to extend a massive thank you, both personally, and on behalf of the entire Solus project, for the warm reception and eagerness to help us land this in Solus. We’re now proud to say that we’re the only other !ubuntu distro shipping with like-for-like full “strict” confinement - and can’t wait for others to follow!

I think that this is gotta be a new record or something for integration/porting xD Pull request is now upstream waiting-for-Monday to add initial Solus support. I’m sure we’ll encounter other things to fix/alleviate, but right now we’re in real good shape. So, again, thank you!