Our own private store

Hi everyone.

Right now we are considering to move our releases from deb packages to either snap packages or docker containers (I’m trying to decide which technology to use).

As far as our software strictly private and we are never going to host our software on any external resource, I’m wondering, how to create our own closed repository on our own hardware inside our own network?


Never mind. I found the topic where @niemeyer explained that Canonical controls the only repository (sic). In that case we are never going to adopt snap for our needs and just continue with docker. OMG, Canonical learns nothing (facepalm.jpg)… Remember this post. In 3 years snap will be in a same place where: Unity, Mir and upstart are right now. In a trash.

You may say, that other distributions trying snap, but Debian and RedHat Enterprise Linux had Upstart, remember? And where is upstart right now? Snap will follow.

You don’t understand and don’t hear your customers and users. You are developing something because you want to develop it, not because your software is needed. You want to create ubuntu store? Like for Ubuntu phone? :wink: Where is Ubuntu phone? :wink:

This topic can be closed.

There are several options here, Gregory, but none of them work if we’re not having a respectful and productive conversation.

Ironically, right here. Snaps were born there.

The irony.

Closing as this subject is extensively covered on the referred topic.