Opera web browser video playing bug

Sorry for the bad wording, I don’t know English.

SNAP Opera web browser, latest. You can’t play videos, 80% of websites don’t play videos. Videa.hu, Facebook, Twitter, Tik-tok, I only mention the more well-known ones. But the video does not work on 100 websites. Only YouTube works, but even there the video stops after a few minutes and says: This video cannot be played, the browser is not suitable.

Unfortunately, this is a familiar topic to me, the Opera browser on Linux has been working with this error for 5 years. For DEB installation, opera-ffmpeg-codec or another version of chromium-ffmpeg helped, but not always. I ask, what can be done to make Opera play the videos? Test installation Firefox, Vivaldi, even Edge works fine, but Opera does not.

Linux distributions often require additional multimedia codecs to play certain types of videos. You mentioned opera-ffmpeg-codec , but there might be other codecs required as well. Double-check that you have all necessary multimedia codecs installed for your distribution.

All other browsers play the videos. In other words, Ubuntu has the codecs. Opera Snap, does it include everything, or am I wrong? The ffmpeg codec must also be included in the container.

Do you have the chromium-ffmpeg snap installed ?

Suggests it should provide the missing bits to opera

Thank you, you are very good, I read the linked thread, but I don’t understand a single letter, I am an average user. What should I do to make Snap Opera play H264 video?

start with installing the codecs content snap like:

$ sudo snap install chromium-ffmpeg

then check if opera did auto-connect to it with:

$ snap connections opera

I did it. No changes. Is the problem that I’m using Ubuntu 18.04? Here is the terminal output:


so i see:

content[chromium-ffmpeg-111306]  opera:chromium-ffmpeg-111306    chromium-ffmpeg:chromium-ffmpeg-111306  -

which is exactly the content interface i was talking about … it seems all connected and you obviously have the chromium-ffmpeg snap installed already, so technically it should all work …

your host distro version should not really have any impact on snaps usually …

I tried reproducing the problem but couldn’t. With chromium-ffmpeg installed, Opera is playing videos fine here (tested Youtube and Facebook).

If you try again but by opening a terminal and entering opera, do you see any relevant message?

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Got the bug!! Thank you all for your support.

One question, how can the language be assumed in this Snap Opera? I added Hungarian under Settings–>Language, Opera restarts, machine restarts but the language of the interface is English. Unfortunately, I don’t speak it, I should speak Hungarian.

Sorry, what do you mean with “got the bug”? If you solved it, please write it so that others with the same problem can benefit from your solution.

I do not know how Opera handles localization, and since it’s a closed source program you are better off asking their support directly about that.

Snap Opera, I messed up the launch location.


I gave this as the route, but it’s not good because it starts the old installed browser, not Snap. I don’t know why the original Opera is symlinked here, but starting it starts the old browser, which does not play the videos.


This is the good route, it plays everything.

Language, I looked it up. Linux, unfortunately there is NO language setting for Opera, I think this is stupid because it is on Windows. It uses the language of the installed system, but since it is a snap container, it is so dumbed down that it cannot determine the language localization. Solution:

/snap/bin/opera --lang=hu

This is how you can set the language hu=Hungarian in the launcher icon and that’s exactly what I need :slight_smile:

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I messed up the launch location.


Oh, classic but understandable mistake to make, as this runs outside snap confinement. We should make it clear when people launch the wrong binary, I believe there is really no indication it is not to be used.

/snap/bin/opera --lang=hu

Very nice! And thank you for sharing your solutions!