openSUSE, apparmor 3.1.5 and kernel 6.3.7 issues

Looks like we have a new set of issues related to apparmor with snapd 2.59.5 and the the kernel/apparmor versions listed in the topic name. Previously an issue was reported here: Snap applications stopped to work after zypper dup which I have fixed by cherry-picking a patch for snap-confine’s profile. With the latest Tumbleweed snapshot, a new issues appeared which seems to be related to s-u-n profile.

There’s more details in The profile seems to be there, the rule is there, but so is the denial for exactly the same arguments as the rule.

@alexmurray @jjohansen does this look familiar?

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If it helps, using snap on openSUSE with kernel 6.3.7, but with apparmor on version 3.1.4(-2.1) works. Upgrading apparmor from 3.1.4-2.1 to 3.1.5-1.1 breaks snapd=2.59.5-1.2.

Edit: Breakage was observed on the chromium snap application

Hmmm… I have this error only for telegram, acestream works fine!

@jjohansen is looking into this - latest update I saw from him mentioned “I think I even know what is going on :slightly_smiling_face: will work on getting a fix asap” - so this is in progress.

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I filed also but will now link this discussion there.

Since other posts a linking to this one, I’m on TW snapshot 20230625, with apparmor 3.1.6 and things are working again. Thanks to everyone involved in fixing this!