Notifications in Chromium show generic icon


hope it’s the right place to post.

Notifications coming from Chromium show generic icon instead of favicon or website icon or any website picture.

Here is Raven’s notifications center ( easier to screenshot ) but it’s the same « mail » icon showing in regular system notifications. raven_chromium_3 Oh, I caught one regular notification finally chromium_notification

I assume there’s here some interesting insight !

Chromium based browser notifications pop up with broken icon images. This is due to the fact these browsers prefix the icon name in the notification with “file:///”. Furthermore, snap based chromium browsers save the temporary icon in the snap, and don’t pass the correct path to Raven. If the icon names start with “file:///”, clearing the icon name fixes both of these issues by allowing the browsers to show the correct image (same as Firefox does), and allows the snaps to default to the fallback “mail-unread-symbolic” icon, instead of showing a broken image icon. This fix also should have absolutely no effect on any other notifications.

As Chromium is only available as a snap in Ubuntu, it should be perfect :wink:

For reference ⋅ Bug #1903893 “[snap] Notifications do not show a custom icon” : Bugs : chromium-browser package : Ubuntu

It seems ( chromium based ) Brave web browser as a snap made a different choice regarding where it stores pictures for notifications :


whereas in chromium-snap the icons are being saved under the snap’s confined TMPDIR, so the path is not visible from the host.

…quoting from Launchpad Bug in previous post.

So actually it’s not specific to Chromium but a general issue with most snap app’s regarding where they will store files that should be readable by other app’s. If /tmp or ~/.cache/thumbnails are expected by some of these other app’s, some features may look broken :
⋅ plugins in Gimp expecting /tmp
⋅ ( system ) notifications expecting /tmp or at least some user accessible place
⋅ files thumbnails coming from a snap requiring ~/.cache/thumbnails
⋅ dealing with attachment in mails in Thunderbird, usually opened in /tmp

not true … it is visible (for root) in /tmp/snap.<snapname>/tmp

For root.

Not for user.

Legacy /tmp is visible to user.

sure, but you implied it isnt visible “from the host” …

anyway, using XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is perhaps the right thing to do if other apps know to look there … (which i doubt they would do without patching though)

…well am just quoting here what I read on launchpad, see link above.
And if « host » might be heard as Desktop Environment, it makes sense as a DE is run by $USER not root.

Same topic there → 'thunderbird.tmp' folder in '~/Download' directory?

I hope it could also solve this → GiMP and thumbnails for .xcf files for any snap-app producing thumbnails.