Nextcloud Snap install on home Ubuntu server

When installing my ubuntu server I selected it to load NextCloud (Snap). I am very new to all this and my goal was to set up my own home Nextcloud mostly for network management of photos and finally leave iCloud/iPhone. I followed all install and in the end when I entered http://###.###.#.### into my browsers Nextcloud was there. Later when I rebooted my server I noticed a Ubuntu error (which I didn’t record as it seemed innocuous but did SEND it forward). I chose ignore and everything seemed to continue to be OK. Last night on a server reboot, I chose Ignore and don’t notify me again on the error. When the reboot was completed my browsers no longer went to NextCloud but now all I get is Apache2 Ubuntu Default Page. I won’t ignore errors anymore but can anyone suggest what I need to do to get back to Nextcloud? Thanks

I think I solved my own problem. I ran sudo systemctl status apache2 as it appears Apache2 was running outside of Snap install. I am now back into Nexctcloud from my browser. I will see what happens with a server reboot later. Thank me!

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