New track (classic) request for the curl snap

Hi @reviewers / @review-team , I would like to request the classic track for the curl snap.
This track is meant to have an alternative distribution of curl, while shipping the strictly confined snap from the latest track.

This was discussed in Classic confinement request for curl, while there as no okay for the classic confinement I strongly ask to reconsider.

Reason being that is the confined snap is installed every script that tries to use --output to something else then the users home directory will fail. This includes tools like, nvm-sh.
But also command like curl -X POST -d "@<random file location not in homedir>" <url> will fail under strict confinement.

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Unfortunately curl does not fit within the existing categories for classic confinement so unless a new category can be defined by a snap architect like @pedronis, this is not able to be granted.

@woutervb as explained here as well, we cannot proceed with this request since it does not fit under the supported categories for granting classic confinement.

Apologize for the inconveniences.