New track "cali" for edgexfoundry-core snap

I’d like a new track called “cali” for my edgexfoundry-core snap. This track represents the new development release underway called “California” (due in the June).

For more details on the release, see:

+1 from me, upstream support have several releases and this will help to disambiguate them.

Do I need another +1 for this to be created?

Yes, as per:

You require someone else from the team to review.

+1 here, seems sensible.

+2 votes from reviewers with no dissenters.

:arrow_right: I have created the cali :twisted_rightwards_arrows: for edgexfoundry-core

Thanks! Quick question, I pushed a new version of snap (r10) up to the store using snapcraft, which worked, however I didn’t specify “–release”. I expected to be able to use the store dashboard to release to the new track, however when I click “release”, I just see checkboxes for the four standard channels. Am I missing something?

The store web UI doesn’t handle tracks or branches yet. If you have snapcraft handy you can use that to release:

snapcraft release edgexfoundry-core 10 cali/stable

Thanks! That worked.