New to Snapcraft

I’m new here. I have no programming experience but I would like to create a snap of the Vivaldi web browser. What documentation could I read up on to get started?

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I would read the docs outright: and then try a tutorial:

Then, watch @popey’s (long) video about debugging snap builds: Learning how to debug builds will solve 90% of the issues you run into.

Search for snapcraft.yaml files. Working examples are valuable. Clone the repos and build the snaps locally to gain experience.

Also, I would strongly advise learning to snap something much simpler than a browser to begin with. Build up to it.


Thank you very much for your response. It’s not critical that I build a browser right away, I’m just a fan of Vivaldi and would like to see a snap of it. But, I’ll take your advice and work on something smaller.

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Now I need to go check out Vivaldi :slight_smile: Good luck!