New gadget and kernel for pandaboard

Hi there,

in order to get my old pandaboard to work again (and have some fun doing so), I forked roseapple-pi-ubuntuCore-build to and changed a few files so that it actually boots Ubuntu Core.

Reading, I guess I should split up the repo into kernel and gadget and use snapcraft for building everything, but at least the current flow works.

As I said, booting the device works, but the pandaboard has a USB ethernet adapter (SMSC95xx) that doesn’t show up during the setup phase of Ubuntu Core. Any ideas how to enable this adapter?

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It seems for whatever reason CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD is not enabled for omap2plus_defconfig in Ubuntu Trusty kernels. When I enable this option in snapcraft.yaml, the network comes up properly.

I also created a standalone repo for the gadget:

Who would be responsible for reviewing gadget snap in the store?