New alias request: tarski.qepcad -> qepcad

Dear Reviewers, I would like to ask you to consider creating the alias “qepcad” for “tarski.qepcad”. Tarski is a tool for some advanced computations in mathematics: It is based on the QEPCAD B system, written by the same author, Christopher W. Brown. I am a co-author since last year by providing code to support multiple platforms. Tarski comes with the command line tool “tarski” and contains a secondary tool “qepcad”. You can try out the candidate: sudo snap install tarski --channel=candidate QEPCAD B is an industry standard tool but it is not present in Ubuntu, however I found a new package here: It seems to be just a preliminary package for 22.04. So maybe some interference could appear. Thanks for considering my request, anyway. Best, Zoltan

Since this snap includes qepcad, but is not primarily qepcad itself, I am not sure granting this alias makes sense. Also if a snap of qepcad were to be made, would it be likely that a user may install both at the same time? Since they are related then I think this would likely be the case, and then if this alias were granted they would conflict. As such, -1 from me for this alias. Instead I think it makes more sense to keep the existing name-spaced tarski.qeqcad as then it is clear to a user that they are using qepcad from this snap.

Hey @kovzol,

It seems a conflict could be possible with the qepcad package as you have explained so I am as well -1 to grant this auto-alias.


Thanks, meanwhile I have also been convinced that a confclict is indeed a real issue. So I revoke my request. Thank you for your efforts, anyway!

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