New advanced snap usage tutorial!

A short while ago, we did publish our latest snap-related tutorials, named Advanced snap usage.

This 50 minutes long tutorial dives deep into multiple concepts:

  • What are snap installation transactions, how to track them, abort…
  • How to download and install manually a local snap to understand snap assertions.
  • Listing available interfaces on your system and how to connect snaps to those interfaces. What is devmode for snaps or a classic snap.
  • Making snaps available or disabled on a system. What this means for services and how to check their status through service logs.
  • Managing snap configurations.
  • What paths are writable by a snap.
  • Finally some more small tips and snapd tricks for you!

If this looks like a long list to you, you will find that you are going to get through it in a breeze. All of the above is very easy to do thanks to the simplicity of the snap command line interface.

As usual, we welcome any feedback on the tutorials (link for feedback is given on each tutorial pages) or in this forum. Happy reading :slight_smile: