Need to publish snap on behalf of multiple people

Me and my friends have created a snap ‘DuckPowered’ together on my account (foss-for-the-win).

This account has its name set to ‘Michael Reeves’. I tried changing this to our group name ‘the ivanbots’, but it is not working, nothing is changing.

I noticed that some accounts aren’t really people, but groups of people (e.g., ‘VideoLAN’, ‘Canonical’).

I haved tried to find information on how to set this up, but I can’t find it anywhere.

I was wondering if one of these organisation accounts could be set up for ‘The Ivanbots’, or if the name of DuckPowered could just be manually changed to ‘The Ivanbots’.

Thank you so much for your help,

foss-for-the-win shared account

Hi there,

Can you please try this to update the name? (But please read this entire message before trying it - there’s an alternative described later).

  1. Log out of dashboard
  2. Go to confirm I’m effectively logged out.
  3. Log in
  4. Edit my full name, save changes.
  5. Still on confirm the name did change (top right corner).
  6. Go to; I’m still logged out there, I see “Sign in or register” top right corner. Click on that…
  7. I get logged in magically and go to by default. I can see the updated name in the top right, and shows also the updated name.

This is just a trick, a mirage - there are no “group accounts” in the snap ecosystem. The trick with those accounts is just that they have their username and full name set to the organization’s details. But under the hood, they are still individual accounts associated with an email address.

If you want your snap to be owned by one of these “fake-organizations”, what we recommend is:

  1. Set up a “non-individual email” with your organization’s domain; example, instead of using, set something like “”, then create a new snap developer account with that email address. It’s not usually needed for anyone to log into this account after initial setup and acceptance of developer terms, but it’s good to have snaps owned by a shared account (by this I mean “shared within your organization”).
  2. Transfer any snaps you want owned by this “organization” to the user in question. The previous owner of the snap (e.g. Michael Reeves) becomes a collaborator and can manage and push and publish changes to the snap.
  3. Ideally add more collaborators so that if ever Michael Reeves becomes unassociated with the organization, others can continue maintenance work with no disruption.

If you want to do the above, then there’s no need to muck around with your (Michael Reeves) account’s full name and username.

  • Daniel
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Yay! Thank you so much for your help - it worked! :smile: