Need of Use of the system-files and block-devices interfaces

I have recently created a Linux Desktop Application using Electron Framework. The app is a File Browser. For the backed is used the build-in features that nodes has like path, os and fs. Hence this app need the permission of system-files and block-devices. For listening and filtering the files given the filter parameters. Also it’s necessary the possibility of running shell command like sh, which, etc.

Name of the app is: Linux Search Everything


As a file-browser, this snap likely requires quite privileged access to all files on the system on behalf of the user running the application - this can likely only be achieved either via the system-backup interface or via classic confinement. @jalejandroc2928 if linux-search-everything only requires read access to the files the I think system-backup may allow you to achieve what is needed - can you please investigate this? Thanks.

My problem is that I always get rejected by Snap Store when I try to update with a new version. I have tried several approaches like: put the slots and corresponding interfaces or set the ‘classic’ confinement. But every time I try to upload I get the update rejected. I really don’t know what to do. The software is working good with .deb, .zip and .rpm

Indeed, snap confinement can be tricky to get right, in particular with applications like yours which look to require a lot of ambient authority in the system (ie the ability to browse all files on the system).

Can you please let me know whether you snap would also require the ability to modify arbitrary files too? In that case probably the only solution would be classic confinement. In that case you may wish to consult Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps to understand the kind of information which is required for snap reviewers to determine whether this is valid to grant for your snap.

@jalejandroc2928 - have you had a chance to review the requirement to modify arbitrary files and whether you require classic confinement?

Hi, yes I have. Linux Search Everything is a fast file browser with more features for performing custom file browsing. Once you have the context menu, you have several options like i show in the attached image. Here you have the option for compression of a certain file (this introduces changes of files), and in the future I will add the option of copy, cut and so on like a classic file browser. I would like to have the possibility of having classic confinement for being able to add these features and the file access etc.

Since a request for classic confinement was created for this snap, I am removing this request from our review queue.