My snap got hacked ;(

It looks like my snap got hacked… I no longer get to see my published snaps under my account and the link to my developer site is phished. What can I do? If you are an admin please reach out to me directly so we can resolve. Thank you!

Hi, if you can, log into and change your password. Then go into and revoke any collaborator shares you have - basically if you didn’t do it, only a collaborator could have done it.

Changing the password also invalidates any publishing tokens that might have been hijacked and used to push your snap. That said - for the two snaps I found under your account, their last builds were uploaded more than 3 years ago, so I know for sure the change to the URL did not come from a snap build/push. It’s more likely someone might have logged in with possibly compromised credentials and changed the URL only using the listing update page.

This is strange as your snaps seem to be correctly configured and visible. Can you try logging out and back in again? (perfect chance to change your password).

  • Daniel