My package acestreamplayer is missing from store

the package is not displayed at
as I see it

but there is an address

as I see it

the display of package metrics is just awful
as I see it

Hi, we’re looking into why the snap isn’t showing on

It would be good to know the history of the snap - did you register it once and have you always owned it, has it ever been revoked and registered again? Any info along these lines would be helpful for us to debug.

I’ve also created an issue for the metrics tooltip here so you can track it’s progress.


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I apologize. For a long time I tried to register such a name and maybe I was scared of something. Then I still registered and forgot this situation.

working version

revoked version

@vasilisc This is another manifestation of I’ve fixed the problem for acestreamplayer and the general solution will be worked on soon.