Move snap from person account

Some time ago, I created the wott-agent snap under my own account ‘vpetersson’. However, I’d like to transfer this to the WoTT team/org such that it will show up as ‘wott’ instead of ‘vpetersson’ in the users system:

$ snap list
Name        Version       Rev   Tracking   Publisher   Notes
wott-agent    154   candidate  vpetersson  -


The recipient account needs to be registered as a snap developer, and I’m not finding any such record on my side. If the account is already registered, could you please send me the “snap account-id” from ? If not, could you please log into with the wott account and accept the developer terms of service? Let me know when this is done so I can find the account and complete the process


  • Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Am I reading that correct that this has to be a ‘user account’ and not a team?


Yes, it has to be an individual developer account, as the snap store, unlike Launchpad, has no concept of teams or organizations. The usually-recommended pattern is to register an individual account representing the organization (but it still needs a username and e-mail address for contact purposes), have individual contributors register their accounts (like your vpetersson account) and then add those as collaborators to the snap, so logging in with the “org” account is not typically needed.

In your case, there’s already unfortunately a wott team, which means the wott username is unavailable for the org account; the pattern we’ve seen used here is for orgs to register e.g. wott-snap and use that as the organizational developer account.

  • Daniel