Mount-observe, hardware-observe, system-observe and process-control auto-connect for mate-system-monitor

Hey there i have recently snapped mate-system-monitor, to ensure its proper functioning within the snap sandbox the snap will require the autoconnect of the following plugs:

mount-observe-  For reading disk storage etc.
system-observe- To read system active processes and PIDs etc.
process-control- To Manage processes(killing, stop )etc.
hardware-observe- To gain system hardware info access

Without these interfaces the app wont even start and crashes, these are needed to ensure its proper functioning within the snap sandbox.

Snap YAML :

The snap is a vanilla build of upstream(No code mods from my side :wink: )

+1 from me for use and auto-connect of mount-observe, system-observe and hardware-observe as these all seem pretty obvious given the nature of this snap. Regarding process-control - whilst managing other processes is perhaps not a core function of mate-system-monitor it is a standard piece of functionality, and so +1 also from me for auto-connect of this more privileged interface.

I’m not against the connection of process-control, it certainly is something the app would expect to be able to do, but I’m not 100% sold on it auto- connecting it as it currently is. I would be comfortable if in the description of the snap you made it a bit more explicit that the application can terminate processes.

The description is adopted from upstream appdata yaml and isnt mine, so will the following part be okay ?

Please Note:
This app can terminate apps and processes 

Edit: Added

Looks good, but might I suggest:

Please note, this snap can terminate other applications. Use with caution.

Either way, +1 from me for auto-connect of process-control with a message similar to the above.

+2 votes for, 0 against. Granted auto-connect of mount-observe, system-observe, hardware observe and process-control for snap mate-system-monitor. This is now live.

Thanks, i will consider updating the description as suggested.