Modular application handling addons through PyPi

Hey everyone,

I’m working on a modular editor who uses pypi for installing and removing additional parts. Though, as python and the site packages are all stored within the write protected part of the snap, my approach won’t work anymore once distributed as a snap since pip won’t be able to install those packages in the snap. Is there another, recommended way how to add extensibility to snap packaged python applications or a way to make it possible to install additional packages via pip?

My current workaround is to add every extension as a requirement when building the snap, hence the snap packaged application contains everything from the get-go but users also won’t be able to remove unused parts or add new ones if they are added to pypi which is not ideal in the long run.

The source of the editor including the files for snap deployment can be found here if you need any further details on the implementation side:

Hope this can be fixed or enhanced somehow.