Modem Manager failing to access modem and showing errors

Well, your kernel snap got updated in that step, so it could have some impact here given it is the one that ships the actual drivers for the modem …

@Kris1 I’d try first snapd, reboot, check that the modem works/does not work, then kernel snap, etc.

Also, is there anything special on how this image is built?

I wonder if the following bug reports are related:

And if we need to backport some of those config changes from v5.17 kernels to v5.15 iotg kernel. Investigating.

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note that it might be easier to just have it perform the upgrade and then use snap revert... and snap refresh ... to go back and forward for single snaps as needed

@xnox @ogra @abeato

I installed Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server on this unit and ran fwupd command to update the firmware and modem drivers on it.

This modem is detected by “modem-manager”, but I need that lenovo-wwan-dpr snap installed.