Missing snapd.refresh service


I’m running a stock Ubuntu 19.04 install, and I noticed that my snaps were never updating and I had to resort to manual refreshes when I knew a new app version was released. This looks like it’s happening because the snapd.refresh service and its associated timer are missing on my system. Uninstalling and reinstalling snapd does not resolve the issue. If I run systemctl list-unit-files then snapd.refresh is not listed.

snap version                         
snap    2.39.3
snapd   2.39.3
series  16
ubuntu  19.04
kernel  5.0.0-20-generic

Anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

Since a long while automatic refreshes are done internally by the snapd service itself (unit snapd.service ). If you are not getting auto-refreshes something else is going on. In the normal case one gets:

$ systemctl status snapd
Jul 11 13:07:13 ...  snapd[25615]: autorefresh.go:397: auto-refresh: all snaps are up-to-date


Ah ok, the info I was reading must have been out of date! I’ll keep an eye on the status and see if it checks for updates at any point today.