Mirage as a Snap

It would be very interesting to get a Snap from Mirage, a very light tool to resize images, and very user friendly.
It can be found here with the source code:
Greetings to all Ubuntu and Linux users.

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I’ve often looked for a tool like this, a snap like this would be cool. However, looking at the changelog and the SourceForge page the developer hasn’t been active in several years and the app hasn’t been updated in longer still :frowning_face:

I’d suggest you try and reach out to the original developer? or maybe you could find a way to fork the source code, update it, and snap it yourself :question:

I’m still using Mirage as .deb in the meantime.
Nomacs could be an alternative but Mirage just does what it is made for and is a very light tool.
By the way, I’ve sent an email to the publisher, let’s wait for his answer, because I cannot package the software on my own, unfortunately.

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Is the deb up-to-date somewhere else or are you getting it from that same place: http://mirageiv.sourceforge.net/docs-usage.html?

Cool, I’ll check out nomacs

Sounds good :blush: Although you might be able to if you wanted to? There’s lots of docs and people in this forum are usually happy to help… anyway, let’s see what they say

Gwenview can be used as a Snap alternative. It enables you to easily resize images and, like Mirage, you easily see what you are doing, and calculate automatically the height etc. For example:

1- original image resolution : 940530
2- modified image resolution : 800

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