Migration of snapd-glib to github.com/snapcore

Hey everyone,

I’ve talked with Robert this morning about a bug in snapd-glib and wondered why snapd-glib isn’t on https://github.com/snapcore. From Roberts side there was simply no reason why it shouldn’t be there. What do you think?

If everybody agrees, we should import https://launchpad.net/snapd-glib on https://github.com/snapcore and give Robert maintainer rights.


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Sounds like JFDI to me :slight_smile: Lets do it!

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Sounds good indeed. Please let me know if you need anything.

@niemeyer Who can create the repository? I think whoever does the import should use a bzr to git translator so that we don’t loose any history. Maybe we just create the repository and leave everything else up to Robert?

That’s done: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd-glib

Invited Robert there already.

@niemeyer Awesome, thanks!

Migration complete - you can now use the git branch on GH and make PRs.

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Thank heavens! Now I can properly peruse the code! :slight_smile: