Migrating Snap Projects

I am a maintainer and developer of a snap that was originally a school project and has ~65 weekly users to date. https://snapcraft.io/tbinge

Because it was done for school, myself and two other devs decided to fork it to avoid any future ownership issues, etc. and are working on the refreshed version and will have to redistribute it.

How do we let the tbinge users know that there is a new version? Do I remove the snap thats there? Do I update that snap with the new version? Do I update the snap thats there to display a message?

As always “it depends”. You could make the old snap unlisted, which means it wouldn’t show up in organic search, thus stunting new installs. You could make it private, which makes it impossible to download for any new users.

If you’re concerned for the users who already have it installed, you could publish an update to that snap, which directs the users to a new one. We did this a while back for the irccloud-desktop snap to point people at the official irccloud snap. We used yad to pop up a dialog telling the user what to do, to migrate.

You can find the wrapper we used here.