Migrating from mir-kiosk to Ubuntu Frame

Hey all, if you’re using mir-kiosk, you may (should!) know that Ubuntu Frame is set to replace it.

I wrote a short guide about migrating to the new, better world, here:

Let us know there how it works for you!


Hi @Saviq

I have already used Ubuntu Frame for my Qt5 app with Wayland support. According to the guide, I have the following part in my yaml file:



    plugin: dump
    source: https://github.com/MirServer/mir-kiosk-snap-launch.git
    override-build: $SNAPCRAFT_PART_BUILD/build-with-plugs.sh opengl wayland
      - inotify-tools

Do I still need to use that? Or how should I change the yaml file?

@sergei2009op yes, that bit is still needed - and even if we rename it to not refer to mir-kiosk, will still work (via a redirect).