Microstack: personal-files interface - r/o $HOME/.kube

[Split from the earlier similar store request to provide access to other Juju locations]

Proving the value of doing random testing on a selection of machines we’ll also need access for the juju binary to kubernetes configuration files - this is read only:

  interface: personal-files
    - $HOME/.kube

if a .kube directory is present juju will endeavour to read the config file from it which results in a permission denied.

Please could this be included for auto-connection for the microstack snap.


For earlier context and discussion:

Hi, as for the juju-personal-files, the need for microstack (ostensibly an openstack-based cloud service) to run juju commands (whereas juju is typically a consumer of such service) is not obvious to me - I’m mentioning juju because it’s been said here that juju is what wants to read the .kube directory but I could not find any mention of kubernetes at all in microstack documentation (on an admittedly superficial skim) so I don’t understand why this is required.

@jamespage sorry for the extra trouble, could you please explain a bit more why/how microstack needs access to .kube if it exists, and why it couldn’t be manually connected in case the user knows they need this? (auto-connect for a smoother experience is fine, but I’d like to understand how that works).


  • Daniel

Based on the explanation on the other thread:

+1 on read for .kube. I think it’s OK to have these interfaces now, even if they do look a little out of place with the old way of the snap’s operation.

  • Daniel

+1 from me too - +2 votes for, 0 votes against, this is now live. Although for consistency sake I would prefer this personal-files instance to be named dot-kube rather than dot-kubernetes - @jamepage thoughts?

@alexmurray happy to rename but we’re currently consistent with the personal-files interface name in the juju snap.

Hmm ok fair enough - it is not a big thing but ideally we would try and be consistent with these things (ie. for $HOME/.foo the plug is named dot-foo rather than dot-foobar).

Happy to fix - I’ll raise a PR today to rename the interface to dot-kube

Interestingly we went this this name first and then re-aligned to the naming in the juju snap.

FYI, the last revision (https://dashboard.snapcraft.io/snaps/microstack/revisions/316/) was submitted with the new name (dot-kube) so I updated the capabilities and reran the review. It’s all green now.

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