Microsoft teams - can't open meeting links

installed the msteams teams snap. but how do you open meeting links with it? clicking on XDG open doesn’t do anything.

i’m using teams-insiders here on 20.04 and it works fine for all meeting links i click in my google calendar … iirc i had a popup right after installing it where i was asked if i want to grant access to the mime type to open such links

xdg-settings is broken on KDE in latest xdg-utils, so if you’re using KDE and your distro doesn’t backport that commit, snapd will fail to assign handler (any URL handler, even though commit message says about browser) since it calls that ugly bash script that has a lot of bugs under the hood…

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I replaced TEAMS with TEAMS-INSIDERS through the snap and it works – THANK YOU BOTH

for posterity’s sake: I’m on MATE 21.04


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Does anyne know how to prevent teams-insiders from Autostarting?