Mechanics of renaming snaps

How would this work? For example, what happens if I rename in the dashboard, then keep uploading a snapcraft.yaml with the old name?

It’s purely academic at the moment, but that would just fail as it will try to use the name in the snap, which would be one you no longer own. In any case, there are a number of issues around renames that we’ll have to tackle once we are ready to do that work.

Any update on that topic?

I have finally taken the time to rename the “play0ad” snap to “0ad”, now that this is a valid name.

The name “0ad” was already registered to me in the store and was sitting there idle, so I have updated the metadata and uploaded builds there, but I am wondering how to ensure users switch to the new snap (preferably automagically and transparently).

Also, the process-control interface was automatically being connected for play0ad (required to make the game run with strict confinement, see that thread), can that privilege be transferred to 0ad?

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We do not yet have an automated way to transition from one snap name to another. You will need to notify users to switch either with an in-game message (I realize you are not the upstream so that’s non-trivial) or via other avenues.

Ping @jdstrand to double check if the blocking need to process-control is still present.

As far as “in game messages” go, @mcphail did a god job of making a simple popup appear before his game did a monster download, by way of an example of something which could alert the user or call them to action outside of the upstream project. Perhaps he may share what strategy he took?

My mechanism is quite crude. It uses the SDL GUILib, so if your game uses SDL you won’t have any new large dependencies. I just create an “OK” dialog box with my desired text and call it from my launcher script. I’ve no idea if GUILib can cope with localisation and internationalisation, so you may not find it suitable for production.

Have a look at the sdlgui and gui parts of the snapcraft.yaml and the launcher script at . There’s an Ubuntu Podcast Easter Egg in there, too :slight_smile:

Help from a UX designer welcome, to devise a decent message to invite users to switch from “play0ad” to “0ad”. @mpt maybe?