"Measure your growth and retention" sample graph axes labels don't match the data

This graph on the homepage (https://snapcraft.io/):

It looks like an extra “0” was edited in to the vertical axis. There are 23k of the purple version installed in the tooltip but the vertical axis shows 230k. The “Weekly active devices” number in the top right doesn’t match either of them.

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@nottrobin is this a you thing?

@chipaca I’m not sure if this is web frontend side or store API side. @Lukewh, @bartaz or @toto might know better.

Surely this is just a mocked up image, and as such just needs to be more carefully re-created, with added maths?

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Yes, exactly. Graphs are working fine, this is just image with fake data that we are fixing now.

But good spot @dmiller309! Thanks.