Max snap size and getting software to consumers

Hi folks

I have snapped up the Pentaho Data Integration package and Pentaho BI server because we’re trying to follow the Snap > Charm pattern to get software payloads deployed.

The problem is PDI is 1.9GB and the server is 3.2GB and perhaps unsurprisingly the snap store gets very sad about accepting them.

  1. Not that I can do much about the size, but what is the upper limit on a pushed snap?

  2. Is there instructions on hosting snaps elsewhere for use by the general public?



I don’t know that there is a max size. Can you be more specific about the issues you encounter?

We have done testing with up to 1.5GB snaps I believe. 2 and 3GB+ is getting pretty large. Is there any way to slim those down?

@kyrofa that was the output.

@noise not really, the BI server snap has MySQL with it so it boots, thats the only thing I include thats not just in the core package The BI server zipped up is 1.2GB. Java apps aren’t exactly lightweight …

Yikes, it’s returning HTML?

Thanks for sharing the logs, we’re looking into the issue - just a request for next time, when you get error messages that say

Please quote OOPS-ID OOPS-...

Can you quote it up front and centre?


I did come up with a few tweaks to shrink them, so I think we’re good, but at least I know the upper bounds now :slight_smile:

Glad to hear! Meanwhile, we are making some backend improvements to at least consistently handle larger snaps properly.