Many installed snaps not returning icons

I noticed that many installed snaps no longer seem to return icons from snapd. For example the atom snap returns the following from a GET /v2/snaps:

    "name": "atom"

This causes GNOME Software to not display an icon for the snap. Looking at the snap content it appears that there is no meta/gui/icon.png provided (which is in other snaps).

Should snaps provide this icon to match what is returned from the store? Or is the expectation now to use the .desktop file icon?

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The icon snapd returns for installed snaps come from the snaps themselves, not from the store; this snap does not include an icon (there is no meta/gui/icon.*).

As for the “no longer”, this code in snapd hasn’t changed in over a year.

Perhaps this is the wrong category; I’ve moved it to “snap”. I’m not sure if the issue is snap authors are not providing an icon or snapcraft is not ensuring one gets into the .snap or the policy has changed.

The icon is optional in the snapcraft.yaml and can also be added to the store after uploading - in the latter case it’s not in the .snap image since the store won’t re-pack it.