Manual review request for opensearch-dashboards-snap

I would like to ask a manual review for opensearch-dashboards-snap.

This package is wrapping the interactive visualization interface of Opensearch, the Opensearch Dashboards application.

Snap base PR:

Ongoing PR with missing feature such as release pipeline:

There is an ongoing track request in parallel. (Sorry for the lack of references, but as a new user I was limited on the number of URLs in the post.)

I can’t see any revisions of this snap published to the store - can you please upload one then we can try and review it?


Sry, I’m confused… Feels like a chicken and egg problem perhaps :sweat_smile:

I thought I needed your review to be able to publish :slight_smile:

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood something…?

Thanks, Judit

For your snap to be reviewed you have to upload it to the Store first. Currently, your snaps/opensearch-dashboards/ page shows that you haven’t uploaded anything to the Store yet (i.e. there are no revisions for opensearch-dashboards).

Huh, sorry, I feel like I may be getting totally lost :frowning:

Is there perhaps a doc/guideline somewhere explaining these steps in detail…?

So far I only tried to upload the track 2/edge track using the corresponding GH workflow:

(Publishing is blocked on the missing track, that’s blocked on this thread :slight_smile: )

Should I upload a snap package somewhere manually first? Where exactly?

I’m sorry if some of the above may be “stupid” questions…

All right, Ipublishing to latest/edge actually works.

Is this the result you Guys were looking for?

@juditnovak So there is no need to request a manual review for a snap - the general process is:

  1. publisher uploads snap to the store
  2. the snap is checked by review-tools and if this finds any issue (use of a privileged interface / classic confinement or various other issues etc) then the snap is flagged for manual review in the store
  3. a member of @reviewers will then review this in the store dashboard and may ask the publisher to create a forum post as per Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps or Process for aliases, auto-connections and tracks etc

In this case, if you wish for a track to be created, you need to create a post requesting that as per the last link I posted above since in general the store has no way of knowing that a track may be needed and so this will not result in the snap being marked for manual review itself.

As mentioned in my earlier message on this thread: the track request has been created already, and was blocked in this thread :sweat_smile:

(Or did I misunderstand something…?)

Actually, having said that: the request has been answered and track 2 has been created for me :slight_smile:

All is well :slight_smile:

@juditnovak it seems everything is fine with opensearch-dashboards snap, so I am removing this request from our review queue. If you need any further help, feel free to write here again.