Manual review of classic confinement for Dev Test Aleo Studio

Hello. Dev Test Aleo Studio - the World’s First IDE for Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
This a full-featured IDE that needs full access to binaries and folders, files on OS to operate.
Currently, its visibility is private. Should I make it public for this review?

Releases page -
Website -

There is no need to make it public for review. From the store and upstream descriptions, Dev Test Aleo Studio is an IDE and therefore fits within a known category for classic confinement, and since it needs to access files / binaries from the host system the requirements for classic confinement are understood.

@popey / @Igor, could you please perform publisher vetting?

@petro.d What is the public contact address for Aleo please?

@Igor the public contact address is

+1 from me, I’ve verified the publisher.


Granting use of classic. This is now live.

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This application was a developer test. The same application requires review here Manual review of classic confinement for Aleo Studio - store-requests -