Manual review "myleclass-attendance-taker"

5 Feb I pushed an update to the stable release. Now it’s stuck at manual reviewing.
The thing I changed to be able to use the gpio-control interface.

Is there anything else wrong?

Hey @jaykhant,

From the latest failed revision on the store, I see you are requesting classic confinement for myleclass-attendance-taker. If that’s correct, please update this request following the process outlined in Process for reviewing classic confinement snaps. Basically, provide the technical explanations of such need and we can proceed with its analysis.


@jaykhant - ping, can you please provide the requested information?

Thank you for your attention @alexmurray. But I decided to not go with the snapcraft. Currently, snapcraft does not match my use-case. If I required it in the future I will be in touch with you. I glad if you remove my all registered snap-names and their data.

@jaykhant we are sorry to hear our system is not supporting your application use case. If you could provide us with the reason why this happened, maybe we can help to find some alternatives. It would also help us improve our process or even drive future snapd/store improvements.