Manual review bookmark-cd: two additional file permissions

In another thread I was granted two permissions to access shell setup files for two different shell called ‘dot-bashrc’ (for ~/.bashrc) and ‘dot-zshrc’ (for ~/.zshrc), so that those files can be used to create hooks to allow shell functions to be set up.

I have added support for two other shells and so am requesting the same permissions for the shell setup files for those shells:

  • fish : “dot-config-fish” for file “~/.config/fish/”
  • ksh : “dot-kshrc” for file “~/.kshrc”

Let me know if you need any additional information

Hi, it has been 8 days, just wanted to check if there are issues with this?

+1 from me for read access to these files with the names as listed above - they match the previous pattern.

Following the same reasoning as in Permission request for "personal-files" for "bookmark-cd", I am +1 as well for use (but not auto-connect) of personal-files with read access to ~/.config/fish/ and ~/.kshrc. +2 votes for, 0 votes against, this is now live.