`man` command on a snap program

Please, someone knows how to make the man command work on a documented(in troff or groff typographic) snap program ?

I tried multiple scenarios but nothing conclusive .

Info command doens’t works?

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See Support for man pages (or 50+ other threads if you use the search function of this forum)

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Hi @tbss .

Yep, it’s a command that works, but it not allows to achieve the goal .

@ogra suggestion could work (I have to test it ).

HI ! @ogra I tried, but nothing conclusive. I did it differently (using a position parameter when the program is called).

Yes, in ubuntu core desktop

Man info neofetch lynx land other classic terminal apps doesnt works

Manual snap guide are a problem in ubuntu core why not have man or info

Well, please see the thread i linked above, it is simply not implemented properly in snapd yet, there are hacks described in the thread for packagers to work around it, but they are not really something I’d suggest to use…

We’ll have to wait until the snapd team gets to implement something i fear…

Okay !

Thank you @ogra.