Make without install

How can I build a package that requires the make command but not the make install?

I have done this with an override-build stanza. Such as:

    override-build: |
      cp build/binary $SNAPCRAFT_PART_INSTALL/bin

From the documentation of the make plugin,

artifacts (list)
Link/copy the given files from the make output to the snap installation directory. If specified, the make install step will be skipped.


Thank you both.
I tried to use this solution, but if I specify a folder, it will copy the folder with the same structure. For example if I specify build/defaultit will copy build/build/default/* into install/build/default/.
I would like to copy build/build/default into install/ instead, so I think I will use popey solution.

The solution was applying organize.
At the end I used the make plugin with the artifacts plugin-specific keyword specified and the organize keyword to set the stage directory as I wish.

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