Lxd users $HOME must begin with /home

As suggested by Stephan Grabber, I report it here since it is a snap issue and not a lxd one.

Distribution: ubuntu
Distribution version: 18.04
The output of “lxc info” or if that fails:
Kernel version: 4.18.0-16-generic
LXC version: 3.11
LXD version: 3.11 (snap)
Storage backend in use: DIR
If the home directory of a user don’t start by /home, lxc commands are not usable at all.

Steps to reproduce
Step one
As per the doc says, for a user to be abble to use lxc/lxd, he must belong to the group lxd.
So, I created a user for my needs :
$ useradd -g users -G lxd root-dns -d /appli/root-dns -m
$ ls -ld /appli/root-dns
drwxr-xr-x 3 root-dns users 4096 mars 20 12:26 root-dns/
$ su - root-dns
root-dns $ lxc list
cannot create user data directory: /appli/root-dns/snap/lxd/10343: Read-only file system

Step two
So, I went to the “old-way” :
$ usermod -d /home/root-dns root-dns
$ ls -ld /home/root-dns
drwxr-xr-x 3 root-dns users 4096 mars 20 12:25 root-dns
$ su - root-dns
root-dns $ lxc list
Gave the expected result, no error

Step three
I wanted to be sure, so I made this test :
$ usermod -d /home/root-users root-dns
$ ls -ld /home/root-users
drwxr-xr-x 3 root-dns users 4096 mars 20 17:12 /home/root-users
$ su - root-dns
root-dns $ lxc list
Again this worked fine.

So, my conclusion to this is that the home directory of any lxd user must be in /home, why is that so ? To me, this shouldn’t be mandatory and should work wherever the home directory is stored.

My original bug report to lxd can be viewed here : https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/5590

Hope there will be a way to handle this. As a matter of fact, an idea do do so (don’t know whether it can be easily done or not) : why not map host’s user directory ($HOME) to /home/whatever in the snap environment ? Whould that be so hard to code ? I don’t have that much knowledge of how snap and apparmor work together to tell if it is a good idea or not.


This is indeed a hard problem. It is listed on Limitations in snapd

We have some technical ideas on how to progress on this but they are all complex, require as prerequisites more complex transitions and are not perfect.

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