LV1 trust level user without posting privilege

I have a person claiming not to be able to post to the Snapcraft forum despite gaining the lv1 trust level, is this expected behavior?

Which user? Feel free to DM with their account name.

I’ve messaged you the specified user’s identifier. According to their profile page the trust level is supposed to be “basic user”.

I’ve “unsilenced” them. The forum silenced them because “they typed too fast” :smiley:

Perhaps they started a message and pasted a chunk of text or question in from elsewhere. That usually triggers it.

All fixed. Thanks!

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Thanks! I’ll notify them that the problem has cleared!

Does this rule make sense to keep? A robot can artifically slow its rate down to a human level just fine, it feels like one of those sneaky rules that happens to work effectively until the cats out the bag and the enemy knows you’re doing it.

(Also Alan since you’re Discourse king around various parts, would you perhaps be able to chime in on an old post of mine that I still feel relevant but didn’t gain traction <3 - Discourse Trust Levels)

It can, but unsurprisingly, they don’t. It catches quite a few bots. We see them in the admin UI. This isn’t the only way bad actors are caught. I wouldn’t worry about it. It rarely makes mistakes like this.