Logs flooding: Mongodb configured with Wekan

Hi all,

I have setup wekan via snap, works ok, one little hitch, it keeps flooding syslog with the following entry:

“Nov 20 18:10:06 petrus mongod.27019[23461]: [conn8] received client metadata from conn8: { driver: { name: “nodejs”, version: “2.2.9” }, os: { type: “Linux”, name: “linux”, architecture: “x64”, version: “4.15.0-70-generic” }, platform: “Node.js v8.16.2, LE, mongodb-core: 2.0.11” }”

Looks like mongodb is started with --syslog switch, I could not find a way to disable it.

Any ideas?

Best Regards,

Francois Meehan

there seems to be:

and …

$ snap info wekan|grep contact:
contact:   x@xet7.org

… alternatively you could try contacting the author …

Thanks for the advise.

We’ll do.