Hi, I try to login snapcraft but get followed information:

There seems to be a network error: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:645)

But I can login monthes ago.

My snapcraft version is 2.43.1+16.4.1 System is Ubuntu 16.04

The .deb packaged version of Snapcraft is very old at this point. The recommended way to use Snapcraft now is to install it as a snap, as outlined in the documentation:

As for the specific error you’re getting, I suspect this is related to one of the LetsEncrypt root certificates expiring last month:


There were updates to the ca-certificates package pushed out to help mitigate the problem, but Ubuntu 16.04 reached the end of its regular support life back in April so didn’t receive an update through the regular channels.

The snap packaged version of Snapcraft should continue to function, as it is using the python-certifi root certificate bundle. But with that said, I’d strongly suggest upgrading your development machine to something newer if possible.

Roger, thank you. We’ve logined on other platform.