Linode images for yakkety, zesty and artful

Following the process outlined at Extending CI for snapd to debian/fedora I’ve created instances with yakkety and zesty installed ready to be snapshot, these are the details:

@niemeyer could you please take a look and let me know if everything is ok? Thanks!

Should we consider artful as well?

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@fgimenez All images snapshotted and already available. Please follow through with the instructions to make sure they can all be properly updates by the spread-images task.

I’ve merged the first PR, and now 4 and 5 are in conflict.

Thanks! Ok, the conflict is fixed in, I’ll wait to fix artful’s one until this is merged. I’ve already checked and the update task in spread-images works fine for all of them.

artful’s branch is deconflicted now too

All sorted then! Is the spread-images update task working on all the three images?

Well, apt update sometimes hangs on with IPv6, as it does in snapd’s suite executions on linode, fixes it.

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