Libreoffice - how to remove startup splash screen

on Ubuntu 20.04 I needed LibreOffice 7.1 and I have decided to install it using snap package.

After install I pressed Windows key (Super key in Linux language) and typed libreoffice and then right mouse click on Writer icon and selected “Add to Favorites”. Now Libreoffice Writer icon appears on dash. Clicking on libreoffice dash’s icon and Libreoffice Writer starts successfully.

What I don’t like is this starting splash window, that appears from the time I click on the icon and to the time Libreoffice fully starts.

To change dash icon I used to add -nologo after the libreoffice command. I checked usual directory /usr/share/applications/ and inside tried to find libreoffice files:

ls -l | grep libreoffice
grep libreoffice *.desktop

both commands returned no output.

Is there something different using Libreoffice as snap package? What I would really like to do is remove startup libreoffice splash window?

The desktop file is under /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications. The file will be overwritten when the libreoffice snap is updates, so instead of editing it in place, copy the file to ~/.local/share/applications and make your modifications there. Obviously at this point you’re maintaining that file yourself, snapd only takes care of the file under /var/lib/snapd.

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