LibreOffice 7 release on Snap store?

Any idea when LibreOffice will be released on the Snap store?

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^ @hellsworth is the best person to tackle that question.

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I am currently working on both the libreoffice 7.0 snap and deb simultaneously. Hopefully both will be available next week. Thank you for your enthusiasm but please be patient :slight_smile:


Just a generic remark from a (not overly technical) enthusiast.

I have always heard that snaps are easy to do and simplify things. Once set up they build and publish automatically when changes are done upstream etc. So I would have expected to have v7 in edge or something like that for a while now, with a promotion to stable the coming period.

So is it fair to say the snap model is not reaching its full potential here? Is that because LibreOffice don’t do the snap themselves?

Many thanks for all efforts done by all of you!


@sam_vde your assertion about snaps automatically updating is true for the most part. Your snaps will update to the branch you installed from. So if you’ve installed libreoffice from the stable branch then you will only get updates that land on the stable branch.

I have not finished the libreoffice 7.0 snap purely due to a lack of time but I assure you I’m working on it. Hope it helps.

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Ok, thanks for taking the time to reply to all this.

I have identified a bug that makes libreoffice calc crash when saving a particular document after copying (duplicating) a sheet in the document. Once the new versions are packaged I’ll know if I should raise this or not. It looks specific to Ubuntu so far (tested with 6.4.3, 6.4.5 and 7.0.0 AppImage revisions from LibreOffice upstream which work ok).

I can do a pre-release test if you want.

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