Library dependences checking in the prime phase


I am packing a pre-built binary application. Part of the libraries requires libc6 >= 2.25 which is not offered by the libc in 16.04. It is the result of snapcraft prime

The GLIBC version of the targeted core is 2.23. A newer libc will be required for the following files:
- /home/benlau/tmp/pkg/prime/lib/ (requires GLIBC 2.25)
- /home/benlau/tmp/pkg/prime/lib/ (requires GLIBC 2.25)
- /home/benlau/tmp/pkg/prime/lib/ (requires GLIBC 2.27)
- /home/benlau/tmp/pkg/prime/lib/ (requires GLIBC 2.25)
'libc6' is required inside the snap for this part to work properly.
Add it as a `stage-packages` entry for this part.

In fact, I have a libc6 (2.27) installed in prime/lib already but the library checking ignored my libc6.

I have following questions:

  1. Can I tell snapcraft to skip the library checking in prime phase?
  2. Can I tell snapcraft that I have already included the libc6 but not using the version from 16.04?