Launch params for snaps?

Where would I override the launcher for snaps if I want to add launch params/flags to the command?
For example. I have the Brave browser snap installed. I want to modify the launch command to use --process-per-site when ever I launch brave.

did you try it on the commandline yet (technically the various snapcraft launchers hand through all options to the actual command) ?

if this works, you can copy the .desktop file from the snap (in /var/lib/snapd/desktop/applications) to your ~/.local/share/applications and modify the Exec line.
this should override the default .desktop launcher … note though that any changes in the shipped .desktop file after this will be missed and it is up to you to merge these into your copy.


Yeah works in command line. Thx for the .desktop override suggestion. I didn’t know that the local override would take precedence over the snap .desktop