Kubernetes-test snap stuck with "Automated review not yet completed." in snap store

Hey folks, earlier today I tried to push and release a new kubernetes-test snap with the following command:

snapcraft push release/snap/build/kubernetes-test_1.10.5_s390x.snap --release 1.10/edge

It completed the push, but afterward got stuck waiting forever on Processing... - I eventually hit ctrl+c and gave up.

Looking in the snap dashboard, I see that revision 407 is stuck with:

Status: Review in progress
Automated review not yet completed.
Task 1a295d11-b5eb-4e17-a137-8359e599a8d5 is waiting for execution.

All later revisions are blocked as well, waiting for revision 407 - I’m completely unable to release new kubernetes-test snaps now.

It’s been stuck in this state for 4.5 hours now. Will it eventually resolve itself or does someone need to kick it?


Fixed, as discussed over IRC!

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Much appreciated, thanks!