Kubectx snap contains badly formatter apparmor config

When I try to use kubens from snap of kubectx version 0.9.4 on Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS, I get the following error:

$ kubens kube-system
snap-confine has elevated permissions and is not confined but should be. Refusing to continue to 
avoid permission escalation attacks
Please make sure that the snapd.apparmor service is enabled and started.

when I try to install the Apparmore file I get a syntax error error:

# apparmor_parser --add /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/snap-confine/cap-bpf
AppArmor parser error for /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/snap-confine/cap-bpf in profile /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/snap-confine/cap-bpf at line 2: syntax error, unexpected TOK_CAPABILITY, expecting end of file

The content of the file is:

# cat /var/lib/snapd/apparmor/snap-confine/cap-bpf

capability bpf,

My question:

  1. What can I do to work around this for now?
  2. Where should I report the problem?