Kernel updates for core

for my project I need a newer version of the pc-kernel (
Even Ubuntu Desktop 18.04.3 uses a newer kernel. Is there a reason why the kernel is on this “old” version?

Thank you

the kernel snaps are always on the version released with the LTS release (since this one gets commercial support for 10y) … this is … core16 uses the 4.4. kernel that 16.04 was released with, core18 uses 4.15 from 18.04. core20 will use whatever will be the final version in the distro on 20.04 release day …

you have the ability to completely use your own kernel snap without any limitations when using a brand store …

Thank you for the fast reply!

Did you happen to have a snapcraft.yml for a pc-kernel laying around? I can’t find the source for the official pc-kernel snap.

the official one is atually re-packing the binary deb package since the secureboot kernel uses the ubuntu archive key for verification … so the way the default kernel is built wouldnt help you to actually get different binaries …

every ubuntu kernel tree has a snapcrft.yaml in the toplevel though…

and here is an external snapcraft.yaml just utilizing the ubuntu source tree (4.15) with a bunch of config changes:

That’s sounds exactly like that what I want because I have to support secureboot. Do you also have a example snapcraft.yml for this scenario lying around? :wink: